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A Message From Enso CEO Angie Speller, LMHC

The stresses over the last couple of years have created a need for employee support services to improve. At Enso our goal is to enhance the emotional wellbeing and holistic development of the corporations we work with. Our innovative program allows us to be the on-call behavioral health service provider within businesses in Tampa Bay. This service was created to support the Human Resources team, increase trust and productivity in the workplace, and develop a more focused and efficient staff. 

Over the past year, many leaders have seen the need for emotional wellness and support grow rapidly with the changing and uncertain times. We’d like to support you, your team, and their families by creating an environment in your workplace that enhances the morale, strengthens bonds between all employees, keeps domestic issues from being a distraction in the workplace, and increases the drive of your staff. We have a complete range of services, from board certified clinical therapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, a nutritionist, nurse practitioners, development coaches, and a team of experienced therapists ready to give your team whatever support they need to be productive and proud to be a part of your organization. 

Your company’s health insurance provider already comes with an Employee Assistance Program. In today’s corporate needs, many leaders believe those services are extremely limited. The stressors of the family members being forced to work from home, isolation of children from their friends, the many the stress of losing one of the wage earners, and the real and perceived diversity issues are all problems that if not dealt with will affect the productivity of your team.  

We are able to provide a service plan that is catered to your company’s specific needs and works for you and your staff. Allow us to be the support system for you. We would like the opportunity to serve you.

I will be calling to set up a time for you to meet with me to learn more about how we can aid in your continual growth and success as well as provide a more in-depth overview of our services. 


Angie Speller, LMHC, Board Certified Counselor

CEO, Enso Behavioral Healthcare


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