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Starting your own business can be exciting and scare all at the same time. You are confident in some areas and other areas seem like uncharted territory.

You know you are passionate about what you want to do but HOW you get to your level of success seems like a mystery. 

At Enso, our team will help you with confidence building, unlocking your dreams and vision, and helping you develop insights into what gets you stuck and stalled. 

Our clients say it best "I don't need a head solution for a heart problem". Coaches and consultants are great at providing business and strategic solutions but WE are where you turn when fear and doubt get in the way of your future. 

Master Strategist

Human Dynamics and Behavioral Perception are a clinician's forté. 

An artful and master strategist knows how to assess

corporate dynamics, influence change, 

and motivate productivity. 

Peak Performance

You’re a busy professional that knows you have a lot to offer and seek the type of direction which gives you a competitive edge.


Emotional IQ

Leaders excel at managing data, process improvements, and resource development. However, often lack the emotional IQ to take their Human Capitol Management skills to the next level. Here's where a Master Strategist can help your team improve their soft skills and improve overall moral. 

Enso Behavioral Healthcare

Health is a required subject in all schools. We learned what to do about common injuries like cuts, bruises, and burns. Isn't it odd that no one ever taught us about mental hygiene? There are no first aid lessons to show us how to take care of emotional injuries. Surely punctured pride is more common than a nail in the hand. And bruised feelings must outnumber black eyes a million to one! Thankfully it's never too late to learn! Enso Behavioral Healthcare is your emotional urgent care center to restore your balance and re-align your purpose.


Counseling | Coaching | Meditation | Restoring Relationships | Addiction Recovery | Anxiety Relief | Depression Reduction

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