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Meet Leslie

Leslie Manly, Intern

Mental Health Counseling Intern

Leslie began her career in the mental health field over 5 years ago working for community based mental health agencies across Tampa and St. Petersburg.


She has experience working with youth struggling with trauma, anger, conflict with parents, and difficulties at school. She helps to build a bridge with parents and children where they can both be heard and understood. She believes that helping parents understand their attachment style from their childhood and a its influence on their parenting of their children. She also understands that structure and being heard is important to children's balance and connection. 


Leslie is a graduate student in the National Louis University Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida in Psychology.


“As a first generation American, my West African heritage has gifted me with insight to the lack of mental health services suited for BIPOC. The void that has been left has fueled my drive to be a welcoming and competent mental health provider for those who have felt like they have been ignored or cast away from the very help that would improve their lives and overall well-being.”


Leslie specializes in minority mental health, life transitions, restoring relationships, anxiety relief, and depression reduction.

My passion is working with people of color, First Generation family Dynamics, and REbels who want to find their voice

My Specialties

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First Generation Dynamics
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People of Color
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Style Consultant
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Personal Shopper
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