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Shelina Learned

2019Lessons: I stretched myself beyond what I thought I was capable; public speaking, creating my own group, and focusing on my health.

Most of my life I was afraid of making mistakes. I was worried about what the consequences would be, who would be mad at me, and how much I would have gotten off track. I found myself missing opportunities, not because of my own inabilities but more because of my self doubt. I decided this year that I wasn't going to do that anymore. At Enso, I had been given this opportunity to do what I love most, counsel others.

I decided to create a women's group, Breathing Room, which I must say is amazing! There are so many women that attend each week. I love seeing them grow and help each other. I've learned so much about myself through them and have loved watching them prosper. When I think back to when I was given this task, I remember feeling doubtful of my ability to be the best group leader, but what I've found by leaning into the fear is that I am more than trained and skilled, I am passion at work. Had I ran from this opportunity I would have missed out on the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

I hope that you all stretch yourselves outside of your comfort zones and don't wait for the doubt to go away. It won't! But your actions today will leave doubt in the past.


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