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More Money More Problems: Psychology and Finance

We had a great time with Edmon, Core Investment Management, and Andrew, New Town Connections. We discussed the relationship with finances, strategic management, and relationship with money.

Notes from the Segment:

  • Honestly define what money means to you (ie. I want more of it, Want to save as much of it as I can, money is the root of all evil, more money comes with more responsibilities...etc)

  • Explore how your beliefs about money impact your use of money (ie. all or nothing, must get a good deal, don't spend it unless you need to, only for travel and fun, etc)

  • Collaborate with your partner and discuss your similarities and differences about relationships with money.

  • Seek guidance for the best way to invest your money.

Core Investment Management Building Relationships Enhancing Lives

New Town Connections Meet New People, New Friends, New Stories

Generation We More Money More Problems: Psychology and Finance Today


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