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Lessons of 2019

It's that time of year where we reflect upon the lessons and experiences that have created the most impact.

Over the rest of the month we'll take a look at how we've grown over the year.

January 2019: Did you keep your resolutions? Did you meet your goals?

February 2019: what ways have you shown yourself love?

March 2019: Where there any significant transitions that you successfully navigated?

April 2019: Were you financially responsible?

May 2019: How have you treated your friends?

June 2019: Did you take time out for yourself?

July 2019: Did you celebrate your victories or focus on your losses?

August 2019: How did you treat people of authority (teachers, bosses, or leaders)?

September 2019: Who did you learn you could trust?

October 2019: What emotions have you been running from?

November 2019: How have you treated your family?


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