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Lessons Angie Learned

2019 Lessons: I learned to trust in myself in making some difficult decisions in the short term that will payoff in the long term ⏱️💯

I realized, through some outside help, that I needed to become more aware of my shortcomings. Shortcomings are behaviors that we need to do but don't. My biggest shortcoming is procrastination and avoidance. I will often avoid making difficult decisions and will want others to either cosign my decision or make it for me. As a business leader it's a very lonely road to success and, while I have the support of my counsel, I have to ultimately be the one to make the decision and stick with it.

I found in 2019 that the more I make decisions and stick with them, the more confidence I gain in myself and my decisions. I began to get out of the chaos of uncertainty and found myself in the fulfillment of my purpose... Yes I know this sounds like something from a motivational speech but those words never rang truer.

Get out of the chaos of uncertainty!


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