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Early recovery is like having a new phone

Let’s fast forward in the sense of technology to the flip phones. The purpose really was to make a phone call. You’d open it up, dial a number, push send, and reach a person; that was its purpose. Then we fast forward in technology to be able to send text messages. You’d open it up, dial a number, type your message, and get an immediate response. (That is if the other person is as savvy as you are). Now a days, cell phones can do much more, you can listen to music, check the weather, search the internet, learn a new recipe, etc. Now a days your cell phone has the capability of being a small computer. Bringing you closer and closer to whatever you are searching for.

So how is being in early recovery like having a new phone?

It’s exactly the same. Whenever anyone gets a new phone they have two options… either be scared and only do the basics or be curious and go all in.

There is a world of opportunity in early recovery, but you have to be curious enough to investigate and explore your options. Let’s say you do the minimum and you call your sponsor daily, talk about sports and the weather, you go to meetings and listen, and you stay sober.

If you remain tethered to your using life, you risk opportunities for the promise of freedom.

Great! You have treated your recovery like a rotary phone. The minimum has been achieved. Yet you complain that life isn’t fun or worth it. If you remain tethered to your former life, you risk opportunities for freedom.

There are sites that can tell you how to best use your phone, what apps to get, and what will make your life easier. In the rooms, you’ll find the same information if you know where to look. Ask old timers what they do and what they have done that works best for them. Ask your sponsor for suggestions and for guidance. If they don’t know ask others in the room. Often the thing that stops people form asking “for direction” is pride and ego. Pride and ego are not wanting to “look” a certain way or be perceived by others as weak or stupid. It often results in unnecessary turmoil and stress, because… A. You’re not that important and B. Most people want to help.

Both his pride and his fear beat him back every time he tries to look within himself - Big Book page 49

In the rooms you can find new music and concerts to attend (when you’re ready), discover your internal climate and learn to manage the changing weather of emotions, search for new solutions to old problems, and learn the benefits of structure and maturity.

They have two choices…Either be scared, and only do the basics, or be curious and go all in


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