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What Is Enso Corporate Success and How It Can Improve Your Employees Mental and Emotional Health

What is corporate wellness?

A corporate wellness program is used to promote the well-being of employees by offering educational and assistance programs. This allows employees to have tools that are needed to help with not just physical health but also mental and emotional health. Corporate wellness is more than having an employee assistance program and an onsite gym to use. Having only an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) puts your employees at a disadvantage. There are a limited number of sessions and a limited amount of providers, causing a lack of diversity and grief finding a quality provider.

Why is corporate wellness essential?

Corporate wellness is essential in times like today. Many people have fears of going back to work in a public environment. Many people have experienced grief and loss, putting them at unease while at work. Having a corporate wellness program can help onboard employees returning to the office. It also can help unify departmental dynamics.

Everyone has their own lives they live outside of work. Family problems and personal issues can decrease motivation and productivity. Having a corporate wellness program will help give extra care to employees and families. This will increase work performance, reduce absences, and create loyal employees.

Having a corporate wellness program will strengthen communications between employees and departments. Your employees would have ongoing support and access to professionals by training emotional health programs and making monthly check-ins. This will lead to a more mindful staff and fewer communication breakdowns during meetings and procedures.

Who can help?

There are unique organizations that can help. Enso Behavioral Healthcare offers three training programs in mindful leaders, dysfunctional teams, and employee emotional states. Contracting with Enso Behavioral Healthcare affords the company an adjunctive service to EAP that will encourage healthy leadership, motivated employees, and reduced stress levels throughout the company. Contact us today about our corporate success program.


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