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Returning to Office Full Time?

Half your company is excited to return to office… the other half…. terrified.

You are communicating the commitment your company is doing by hiring a company to sanitize the office/workplace. All of that commitment and coordination to encourage everyone to return to the office in the next couple of months

Do you have a plan to Sanitize your employees fears?

Just like the virus, left unchecked those fears can ripple through your organization, causing fear, distractions, and reduced productivity. You need something to help to “restore to stability” your employees fears and concerns

The Enso Behavioral Healthcare Corporate Wellness Programs are a safe place to process and deal with those fears and give your team the access to function powerfully.


There have been an increased hospital admissions for panic attacks since companies have announced a return to office

Below are some tips to challenge fears about panic attacks from thinking about returning to office.


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