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Meet Juliet

Juliet Stewart- Berry

Women's Recovery Coach

Juliet is a seasoned expert in helping women walk through difficult stages and

experiences in life. Her passion is to fight alongside women who desire to find

themselves, guide women to the tools that define their self-worth, and collaborate with women in being who they really are. 


She has walked women through this disciplined process and has participated in the life changing rewards of being a Womens recovery coach.


Recovery is something that all people desire; it’s a state change and a return to health, sound mind, and strength. We all want recovery we just don’t know the steps to get there. Juliet walks women through steps to achieve lasting emotional recovery. 

Fierce honesty is what keeps us present. Get desperate in your survival.
Breathe where you stand.  If you are willing, then you are geared towards a wonderful transformation!

My Specialties

 Domestic Violence Survivors
IMG_2660 (1).jpg
Alcoholism & Substance Abuse
feeling lost
Toxic Relationships
Image by Tengyart
Emotional Choas

My Lifeline

Juliet has been my lifeline for my recovery. I appreciate that I have her and my sponsor. I'm able to bounce things off. I am glad that she pushes me and is also supportive of me when I need someone to be gentle with me. 

The Guide

Juliet is truly my guide in recovery. I've tried treatment and that didn't last long. I've tried it on my own we know how that goes. With Juliet I feel like I have a guide that helps me through this walk in recovery

Perfect Combo

Working with Angie and Juliet is the perfect combination of support. I am glad that I have both of them to work through my "unfinished business"

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