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The Way Healthcare Should Be

It's safe to say that we've all experienced our struggles with the current healthcare system. We either feel like our providers don't listen to our concerns or that the cost of healthcare is too much to want to follow our treatment plans. 

Enso Concierge Medicine aims to change all of the struggle of preventative internal medicine with a holistic and person centered approach. 

We aim to remove the silos and offer more than just medical interventions, but whole person care under one roof. 

  • Nutrition

  • Mental Health

  • Psychiatric Medication Management

Convenience Simplified

We’re a membership-based, preventative internal medicine practice that is offering convenient high-quality medical care with exceptional customer service.

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Schedule your new patient appointment and receive the time to ask all the questions you'd like. "Google MD" doesn't give you the opportunity to learn what different medications can offer you in terms of relief of symptoms. 

Mental Health Symptoms we treat:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bipolar

  • Postpartum

  • OCD

  • PTSD

  • Panic Disorders

Please note we DO NOT Prescribe Narcotic Medications, Controlled Substances, CBD, or Marijuana cards

Doctor's Desk

Preventative Internal Medicine

  • Pharmacogenetic Testing

  • Advanced Health Intelligence Testing

  • Gut Intelligence Testing

  • Advanced Allergy Testing

  • Health and Energy Injections (B12 & Hydration)

  • Entrance Physical Exams and Testing

  • Weight Management

  • Immunology

Medication Can Mean Better Clarity in Life

Without my glasses I couldn't navigate the world clearly. I'd run into things, people, I'd feel scared and uncertain. Eventually I'd begin to question myself and feel doubt. 


Once I have my "corrective lenses" I'm able to see clearly.


Medication can do that for you. It's clarity. It's vision in the darkness. I can't make my eyes see on my own I need help with that. Outside help. Thats the kind of help we need for our brain. We can't fix it on our own, but we can get clarity.  

Medical Team


Internal Medicine

Medical Director

Eddie is a medical doctor who is certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and pediatric medicine. He graduated from University of Cincinnati with his Medical Degree. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine. 


He has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. He has practiced in Emergency Rooms all over Florida, Michigan, and St Croix. 

He has been an Emergency Room Director for 7 years and has endeavored to build his own practice. Working in emergency medicine, Eddie has been able to save a great many lives and participate in the healing of people

s ailments. With all of his experience he hopes to prevent illnesses and encourage people to understand their bodies and health from a more wellness approach. 

Eddie E. Oliver,MD
Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Medicine

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