Angie helped me to find my creative side again. I was lost and couldn't find my voice, now I have the confidence to say what I need in a way that is received and respected


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Our client testimonials speak to our success and ability to provide quality and discrete service to all of our members, both corporate and individual

I had always been afraid of things. Afraid of heights, bridges, embarrassment, but mostly change. After seeing Angie for a couple of sessions, I felt the courage to overcome that fear. It started with a small bridge and has transformed into my whole life. 


Legacy of Success

Enso Behavioral Healthcare

Health is a required subject in all schools. We learned what to do about common injuries like cuts, bruises, and burns. Isn't it odd that no one ever taught us about mental hygiene? There are no first aid lessons to show us how to take care of emotional injuries. Surely punctured pride is more common than a nail in the hand. And bruised feelings must outnumber black eyes a million to one! Thankfully it's never too late to learn! Enso Behavioral Healthcare is your emotional urgent care center to restore your balance and re-align your purpose.


Counseling | Coaching | Meditation | Restoring Relationships | Addiction Recovery | Anxiety Relief | Depression Reduction

Personal Development & Wellness Company

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