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Dr. Asia Wardlaw

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Asia is a Post-Doctoral Clinician whose life pursuit is aimed at giving to others by utilizing her gifts in the field of psychology. She believes that happiness doesn’t result from what you get, but from what you give.

Asia’s services include psychological assessments for children, adolescents and adults. She provides comprehensive psychological assessments for concerns such as:

  • Attention/Concentration (ADHD),

  • Intellectual Functioning, Academic Functioning (Learning Disorders, Gifted, etc.) 

  • Behavioral Functioning

  • Developmental Functioning (Autism, etc.)

  • Court Ordered Diagnostic Evaluation (DUI, Forensics, Divorce, etc)

  • Neuropsychological (Dementia/Alzheimer’s, etc.) 

  • Emotional and Personality Functioning

  • Pre-Surgery (Bariatric, Cosmetic, Fertility, etc)

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Intelligence Testing

Do you want to know how you or your child scores in intelligence?


Do you need your scores to advance in your career or placement?

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Neurological Testing

Have you experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury or need neurological testing for Dementia?


Do you worry about your family member or client's capacities?

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ADHD Testing

Do you lose focus often and struggle with completing assignments?

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Pre-Surgery Assessments

Do you need an assessment for your surgery to complete your screening?


Bariatric, Fertility, Surrogate, Cosmetic, etc