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Gain a deeper understanding about the causes, nature, and manifestations of your behaviors as well as your personality type and functioning

Insight into You!

Gain insight as to the severity of a particular shortcoming and of the capacity for adequate functioning

Blocks to Achievement

Identify the nature of academic challenges preventing individuals from moving forward in school, college and work

Fail Resilience

Learn how to become resilient to blocks in functioning, relationships, work performance, and perception. 

What to

A comprehensive psychological evaluation begins with a clinical interview. It includes any number of psychological tests depending on the purpose and intentions of the client or request.


Testing generally takes several hours to complete and may require separate appointments.The evaluation may also include interviews with significant others (such as parents, spouses, or teachers), as well as a review of past records and relevant documents.

Finally, a formal integrated written report of findings is provided along with recommendations based on those findings; presented in a personal, interactive feedback meeting.

Types of Testing:

  • Personality styles tests of emotional well-being

  • Intellectual (or IQ) tests 

  • Tests of academic achievement

  • Tests for possible neurological damage 

  • Tests for specific psychological disturbances and their severity.

Dr. Asia Wardlaw.jpeg

I love it when people better understand themselves after we review the report. It's almost like "everything makes sense now."

Overall Usefulness

In addition to guiding your counseling sessions, psychodiagnostic reports can also be conducted for Court proceedings, Disability determinations, Workers’ compensation, Immigration Evaluations, Autism and Developmental needs, and Geriatric Capacity assessments.


Based on the clinical interview, your psychologist will select tests that determine your level of functioning and best meet the needs of your evaluation requests

Mental Health Advocate

Testing is a way to be an advocate for your or your child's wellbeing and future. Armed with a formal evaluation, diagnosis, and recommendations you can request the appropriate accommodations to achieve success.

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