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Gratitude is Amazing!

The Science behind #gratitude is fascinating! "It is possible to feel grateful toward loved ones, colleagues, animals, mother nature, and life in general. The emotion generates a climate of positivity that both reaches inward and extends outward. Psychologists find that, over time, feeling grateful boosts happiness and fosters both physical and psychological health, even among those already struggling with mental health problems. Studies show that practicing gratitude curbs the use of words expressing negative emotions and shifts inner attention away from such negative emotions as resentment and envy, minimizing the possibility of ruminating over them (a hallmark of depression). Further, the beneficial effects snowball over time. Brain scans of people assigned a task that stimulates expression of gratitude show lasting changes in the prefrontal cortex that heighten sensitivity to future experiences of gratitude. The emotion literally pays itself forward." -Psychology Today, 2019 #EnsoCares #NotYourMothersAttitudeofGratitude #SelfLove #SelfCare #CallYourTherapist #Tampa #TampaTherapy #TampaTherapist #StPetersburg #StPeteFL


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