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Meet Senecha

senecha Lewis

Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Enso has partnered with award winning fitness instructor and nutrition coach Senecha Lewis, MBA. Senecha's life experience took him on his necessary health journey where he was 365 pounds in 2018 and struggling with additional health risks to his fitness competition

stature of 195 pounds.


Senecha has received several fitness awards for his transformation

but he feels most rewarded by his knowledge of his body and nutrition required to function at its best. He has challenged himself to be prepared to work with any client, especially those that practice a vegan lifestyle.  

"I wanted to have first hand knowledge of how to understand and help someone practicing a vegan lifestyle. So I was vegan for nearly 4 months. That way I could share what non-animal proteins substitutes are necessary for optimum functioning".

We've created three Virtual Programs


​Who is best for this program:

  • Anyone who feels frustrated with their health goals

  • Someone who will burn out and give up

  • Prevents giving in to self sabotage

  • Someone Who wants to learn about nutrients and nutrition

  • Someone who wants to learn about their muscles and how to use them to protect your vital health systems.




Areas covered in this program:

  • Understand Nutrients and health

  • Practice grocery shopping

  • Tailor meal plans to "what you will stick with" thats in your lifestyle

  • Keeping healthy eating simple and fun

  • Practice meal prepping

  • Create a productive routine




Areas covered in this Seminar:

  • The difference between motivation and inspiration

  • Effective ways to use inspiration to create lasting success in all areas of your life

  • Effective ways to communicate with your team or corporation to inspire each other to success

  • Learn about your limits to asking for help and taking suggestions




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