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Emily Bourque


Registered Dietician

Emily is a Louisiana native who is passionate about helping others find balanced health through nutrition and education. She has had experience working with individuals with eating disorders, diabetes, pregnancy, gastric bypass, autoimmune disorders and food sensitivities. She is talented in helping you find solutions to fatigue, acne, stomach pain, obsessive thoughts, and compulsive behaviors. 

Common Presenting Concerns

Diabetes | Mental Fog | Fad Diets | Bariatric Surgery | Weight Loss | Fatigue | Food Rules | Body Checking | Obsessions | Emotional Eating | IBS | High Blood Pressure | Excessive Exercise | Restrictive Eating | Poor Body Image | Athlete | Weight Gain | Poor Sleeping Pattern | Fainting | Nutrition Education | Diet Pills | Laxatives | Food Intolerance | Cholesterol | Lack of Energy | Insomnia | Self Induced Vomiting | Binge Eating

SAmple Meal Plan