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Resilient Parenting






About the Course

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Holly Cummings, RMHCI

Holly Cummings, RMHCI

Holly is passionate about personal growth and improving relationships. She believes that all human connections (romantic, family, and interpersonal) are worthy of the energy it takes to make them better.
Holly has experience in community behavioral health, school-based mental health, academic coaching, and career counseling.

Working with Adolescents:
Adolescence can be a time of significant emotional, mental, and physical change. Responses to these changes are often expressed through low self-esteem, impulsive or risk-taking behaviors, struggling peer connections, and low academic performance, to name a few. Holly is well-versed in the challenges that adolescents face throughout various stages of development; she speaks their language and provides the emotional safety and support that they need.

Working with Non-Traditional Families:
Blended and non-traditional families are increasingly more commonplace. With personal and professional experience in this arena, Holly aims for her clients to have families function through enriched, healthy communication and new experiences, rather than just “getting along.” Allow her to guide your steps for improving communication skills and overall interpersonal growth.

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